CEP2224 Overview

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  • SUMMARY - The CEP2224 is the lowest cost 24-bit, 48kHz option for implementing CobraNet connectivity. The module provides 2 digital audio inputs and 2 digital audio outputs, fully bi-directional. In addition, the CEP2224 supplies high quality stereo differential analog outputs.
  • uC HOST OPTIONS - The CEP2224 has an asynchronous serial host interface, so it may be easily controlled by any host uC with a UART.
  • DAC - The CEP2224 includes a high quality differential outout DAC for direct interface to products which have analog inputs. The DAC is 24 bits, 48kHz sampling rate, and achieves a 105dB S/N ratio.

CEP2224 Details

The Attero Tech CEP2224 module is designed to provide OEM product developers a cost-effective way to incorporate CobraNet connectivity into a wide variety of products. The CEP2224 uses Attero Tech's AT2224 IC and features 2 channels of I2S digital input and output plus 2 high quality differential analog outputs.


  • Two channel I2S in and out
  • Two channel differential analog outputs
  • Four 10-bit ADCs
  • Eight GPIO
  • On-board clock generation
  • On-board Ethernet interface
  • Single 40-pin connector for all I/O
  • Breakouts from the Ethernet port for PoE support
  • Module size is 2.5" x 2.75"